Big Sky Commercial Frontage

  • The key attribute of this investment is that it controls over a half mile of frontage on US 380 and the “going-home” corner at the Jackson Road intersection. The land will have two-way access to the divided highway at its two entrances as well as access off Jackson Road. There is a 13-acre retail corner on the corner which is part of an existing commercial node of uses that are all located halfway between the cities of Denton and Decatur. In addition, there is another 23 acres of land fronting the highway with entries and median breaks going west of Jackson Road.

    The commercial frontage is in a “wet zone” allowing the sale of alcohol which provides retailers and restaurants who locate there additional profit centers.

    The fact that it is all under the control of one owner, it gives a developer control of the entries and frontage protecting the land located off the highway.

     The frontage is comprised of the following tracts:

      • 13.01 acres at NE corner of Jackson Road and US 380 with 985 LF on US 380 and 800 LF on Jackson Road
      • 10 acres on the  north side of US 380 about 1,200LF west of Jackson Road.
      • 13 acres on the north side of US 380 at the NE corner of Big Valley Road.
  • aerial all tracts 2 2014
  • oblique aerial big sky 2 2014