Overview of Big Sky Properties

Big Sky was purchased in the 1990’s as several tracts of vacant land that totaled about 900 acres. During the ensuing 10 years 60 rural lots (ranging in size from 4 to 10 acres) were created at the north and eastern portion of the property. Only one of these remains unsold today.

The Property today totals 463 contiguous acres. Approximately 36 acres are situated on the north side of US 380 on both sides of Jackson Road have 3,100 LF and two intersections on the new four- lane-divided highway. US 380, now nearing completion, is being widened into a four lane-divided highway with medians and turn lanes.

428 acres of contiguous land is targeted for residential development that has access on Jackson Road and US 380 at the Big Valley entry. The tract has expansive views to the west and overlooks a series of small lakes.

Big Sky is located 10.5 miles west of I-35 and is equidistant between Denton and Decatur and about 30 miles due north of downtown Fort Worth. To the south are the towns of Justin, Ponder and Fort Worth along Hwy 156. Alliance Airport is about 18 miles to the south. It is not in the ETJ of any city and the frontage is approved for alcohol sales.

The Property is for sale in whole or part.

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